CFP episode 1: GianCarlo Fernandez



For the first episode of the Considering Film Podcast, I took a ride over to Edison, New Jersey to meet and chat with my friend GianCarlo Fernandez, who is currently wrapping up post-production on his debut feature 28 Minute Epic.  A truly independent production, the film was shot for less than five thousand dollars with a mix of friends and other local professionals whom GianCarlo has befriended over several years of working as a freelance writer, director, cinematographer, and editor.  With a string of music videos, commercials, and short films to his name, GianCarlo set about expanding one of his friend Rocco Petrullo’s film school shorts to feature length.  The ensuing screenplay, 28 Minute Epic, went through half a dozen revisions and two crowdfunding campaigns before GianCarlo and Rocco decided to go for broke and make it themselves on a shoestring budget.

With 28 Minute Epic set to premiere at the Rahway International Film Festival on August 28, I spoke to GianCarlo about the unique difficulties he and his crew faced bringing their vision to the screen, the films which moved him as a child, and the unavoidable comparisons to Kevin Smith.

Tickets for the Rahway International Film Festival are available at, and be sure to keep up with 28 Minute Epic on Facebook and Twitter.

CF Podcast Music: “Over/Under” and “TBD” written and performed by Christopher Bruno

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